Friday, September 2, 2011

The Glamorous Mom

We all dream of becoming mothers from a young age because, let’s face it, babies are cute, fun and have the new baby smell.  Then we become mothers and find Motherhood is nothing less than glamorous, right?  Okay, perhaps that is not quite the case.  While babies are not just cute (they are adorable), fun, and have the new baby smell for those first few days; they also cry, poop, are painful to feed, poop, double the laundry load, keep us up all night, poop, are expensive and create some very stinky smells.  Did I mention how much they poop?
The job of being a Mother has been the most rewarding job I have had thus far in my life, despite its never-ending work hours.  Both of my daughters have been my motivation and source of happiness.  They have helped me find my inner-joy and I would not undo being a Mother for a second.

Being a Mother also creates some interesting memories.  Let’s reflect...

1.)  Waking up feeling refreshed, thinking my daughter slept through the night.  Until I realize I put her to sleep in her basinet, and she is now sleeping in bed with us.  I had no memory of getting up with her and moving her.

2.) Daddy coo'ing at her with the biggest googlie-eyes and then watching her cover his face in a giant baby sneeze, followed by a large cheesy baby grin.

3.)  Big sister snuggling up to her, and then explaining to me she smells like cheese.

4.)  After church, letting Daddy having a turn to hold baby while I go to socialize with some women and returning to him holding her away from his body, with a giant wet spot on his shirt.  Diapers do leak!

5.) Hearing baby make a surprise in her diaper during a middle of the night feeding, and having every intention of changing her.  I get the diaper changed, only to wake up later and realize that I only had a dream of changing her diaper and fell asleep feeding her. She still was stinky.
6.) Going to a friend's house and spend the whole time doing the "Mommy dance" to keep her from crying.

7.)  Being "that lady" to try and bring her infant to the movies and have to excuse myself and leave because baby doesn't appreciate the loud movies.

8.)  Walking to the car to head out for a hot date with my husband and family, and realizing my shirt is still pulled down to my waist from the latest feeding.

9.)  Flashing my BFF on Skype and not realizing it.

10.) Last but not least, the whole family's favorite part of having a baby in the house is the world's CUTEST baby smiles and giggles. 

Of course, the list could go on, but these are just a few of my favorite things.  Bear with me, I am still working on a blog that is going to privy you to details about having a baby in the Middle-East.