Monday, March 7, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Selamlar, arkadaşlar

It has been several months since I have updated my blog; I didn't realize just how long until I started looking at my past posts and noticed the last date being near New Years.  Oh how time flies!  So here I am, on my husband's computer after just getting he and Arion off to work and school, watching the rain pour down with a vengeance. 

Here is an update on our family... 

Appologies for the washed-out picture
Michael is knee deep in his work.  There is a large base-wide inspection (UCI) that is approaching next month here on base and Michael, being who he is, has hopes of a perfect score.  His hard work, however, has not gone unnoticed.  He was a nominee this year (again) for Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the year here on base.  While he did not win at the base level, he was second in running and we both were treated to several days of fun festivities and fine dining.  He has also been selected to attend numerous conferences and trainings in the USA.  He will leave at the end of April, and return around the end of May.    I would love to join him during this time; as he does plan to visit family in Montana during this time.  Unfortunately, me joining him would mean taking Arion out of school and traveling later in my pregnancy than the doctor recommends (I could just see myself going into labor on the 9 hour military flight from Baltimore).  When he returns, I will be 36 weeks gestation and considered full-term.  

Arion is excelling like any proud mother would hope in school. She is in the honor's choir and has several presentations throughout the year.  She has the second grade equivalent to straight A's and takes her grades very seriously. She is also a proud Girl Scout Brownie and has been working hard on helping her troop sell cookies.  We are not allowed to sell cookies door-to-door at overseas locations, so the girls set up booths at the Commissary, BX and Shopette.  They did manage to sell every cookie and between donations and cookie sales her troop alone made around $500.00 profit.  Go Incirlik Girl Scouts! 

 Yesterday at church, one of teachers at Arion's school approached me and expressed interest in getting Arion tracked into the gifted student program.  She primarily worked with the older elementary school children, but Arion stood out to her particularly in helping the adults figure out how to run the smart board and other new technology.  Arion was very flattered and Mom, needless to say, was not surprised but was flattered all the same.  

Arion on "Wacky Tacky" Spirit Day
There is one household conversation that gets her most excited, however.  The arrival of her new baby sister seems to always be on her mind and in her conversations. She loves to sing and talk to the baby, and rub Mommy's belly; waiting for that all-to-familiar poke coming from the other side.  She is going to be such a great big sister!  Amazingly, Arion could tell you any random day exactly how many days are left until the baby's due date.  

I myself am doing pretty good.  The weather in Turkey has turned to nothing short of amazing, particularly when I consider the forecast back in Wyoming around this time of year.  At month six in my pregnancy, I am feeling less get-up and go.  Having to share a car keeps me on my feet, though.  One can usually see this pregnant chick walking somewhere on base, or riding my bike.  This, I assure you is a GOOD thing.  Low-impact exercise is exactly what someone in my condition needs.  

Being a military family has great benefits- and the Air Force absolutely does take care of its' own.  We families do pay a price, however.  As I said before, Michael is going to be State-side for the majority of my third trimester.  While unlikely, if I happened to experience any third trimester complications during his absence and need emergency care I am on my own (with the help of Arion).  Luckily, there is an ambulance on base that can take me to the hospital in Adana.  We pray this does not happen, but are ready if it does. More than anything, I am going to miss him terribly and will be very excited to be reunited with him upon his arrival. 

Baby Taylor is developing and wiggling around right on schedule.  We did have our ultra-sound; and to our surprise, she was indeed a baby girl.  Her ultra-sound revealed no concerns, except for a low lying placenta.  The majority of pregnancies have the placenta on the upper-half of uterus, while mine is at the bottom.  It is actually covering the cervix, the area that opens at the bottom of the womb.  The majority of these cases conclude with no complications.  I will get another ultra-sound at 32 weeks which will hopefully prove that all is well.  In some rare instances, the placenta remains in place and therefore will not stretch like the uterus is designed to do.  This can cause it to peel and bleed, posing risk to us both.  Should this happen, I will have to stay at the hospital for daily monitoring until we are ready for an early cesarian.  Only 1% of low-lying placenta's actually have these kinds of complications and our doctor remains optimistic.  We are still struggling to come up with a name for her, but I'm sure we will eventually agree on something.

Salem, the cat is also fat and happy.  She is oblivious that another member of the family is soon to arrive and enjoys the nice Turkish weather.  She is afraid of the large spiders here and is comfortable leaving the house, careful not to leave the back yard and only if the back door remains open.  

All-in-all, the Taylors' are doing pretty great!    Be ready for a blog with many pictures when our newest daughter makes her grand entrance.  

Görüşmek üzere!

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