Saturday, April 2, 2011


Technology is amazing, I doubt anyone would argue.  It's difficult to believe that in times not long ago, women did not get ultrasounds, nor even think to consider what gender baby they might be having.  Now, technology has made the ultrasound an automatic perk to pregnancies in modern countries.  There is even the 3D ultra-sound.  Expectant mothers like myself can learn that we are having a beautiful baby girl, or a boucny baby boy; and even possibly see any family resemblances.  I thought I would share my ultrasounds in this blog so we can see how Baby Taylor has grown these past 7 months. 

In this ultrasound, baby is about 8 weeks old.  The image had to be enlarged so we could see my small uterus and the little peanut that habitated it.  We were checking for gestational age in this, as well as many other things I'm sure I wasn't even aware we were checking. 

At about week 17 I got another ultrasound I had hoped to learn if we were having a boy or a girl in this, but baby did not reveal herself.  There was no enlarging, nor "zooming out" in this one. 

This is an ultrasound of between 27 and 28 weeks.  I had to get another ultrasound to monitor the placenta location, and will have to get another ultrasound just weeks before baby makes her grand appearance.

 Here is a similar shot, but switched over to 3D.  I am convinced by this shot that she has the same curve in her lips as her father, and his distinctive chin.  I think I even see his curvy eyebrows here. 
This is another 3D picture of the baby's face.  It's a little more difficult to "see" in the beginning, so I will try and explain.  Baby's hand is on the left side of her face, next to the placenta.  It is covering her left eye.  Directly next to her left eye is her open right eye.  If you look very carefully, you can even see her iris.  There is a large nose right where the nose is supposed to be.  I think her nose looks very large, but the ultrasound is taken at an angle below the nostrils which makes it look larger than it actually is.  The large black semi-circular shape inside the orange is the baby's open mouth.  This particular image makes her look very surprised.  I find it funny.

This image threw me off at first as well.  I thought the circle at the top center was the baby's eye; it is actually just a reflection off the top of her head.  We are looking down at an angle on her now.  You can see her right eye and the profile of her nose, ending just beyond the left side of the picture.  Her mouth and chin cannot be seen from this angle.  She looks like she might have some eyebrows growing in this one. 

Here is a short video of the baby opening and closing her mouth. 

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  1. I think she looks a lot like her big sister-beautiful and perfect! Thanks for sharing.