Tuesday, November 16, 2010

House pictures!

Merhaba, nasilsiniz?  Iyiyim! As everyone following this blog knows, my husband has spent the last few weeks in Germany.  While we feel his loss, we have not been without a lot to do.  A few days after he left, we got notice that all of our belongings have arrived in Turkey, including our car!  FREEEEDOM!  :)

Since he has been gone, that has left me alone to handle unpacking everything.  I'm sure Michael is very distressed about missing the opportunity of moving our things, yet again.  Between just getting married and moving in, our enormous garage-sale and moving- out (not to mention helping friends / co-workers move), we have had our fair share in our five-and-a-half months of marriage. This was a large and daunting task, no question about it, and I have not been feeling well. I am proud to say, I have (mostly) finished the task and have some pictures to share. 

This is our home!  All the homes on base basically look the same, except some don't have an up-stairs, like ours.  They also come in different colors, as you can some-what see in the house in the background behind ours.  Notice our bright shiny car in the carport! 

This would be my kitchen.  I actually have a decent amount of counter-space, as well as cupboard space.  This is my domain!

As you walk around the corner, this is our living room.  Arion is dancing away. 

Another view of our living room.  Arion and kitty say "Merhaba!"

Heading up-stairs!

Our living room again, from the stairs.  I really like our vaulted ceilings- which not all homes here have.

Arion's room.  Admittedly, slim pickings. She went from a "baby room" to Michael's old bedroom set and we are starting over.  What can I say; it's a work in progress. 

Arion's bathroom.  There are three bathrooms in our home, however the other two are pretty bare and look exactly like this one.

Our back yard! I have had to have some work done back there, and it's a significant step-up from when we moved in. 

There are some additional rooms/ areas that I didn't include in here, such as our laundry room, another empty bedroom and various storage areas.  This is the basic idea, though. 

All-in-all, not too shabby.  We could use some rugs, to cover-up the mismatched tile on the floor, but this is a huge improvement to our bare-essential dwelling we had before our belongings arrived. It's starting to feel like home; if only the whole family were here in it. 


  1. Many thanks to your dear friend, Becky, for helping you un-pack!! :) Looks good girlfriend!

  2. Becky worked like a slave helping me with this! What would I do without amazing friends? :)