Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turkey Baby

Sometime around mid-October, I thought it was about that time to take a little test.  A pregnancy test!  I slipped silently into the bathroom, and two lines appeared.  I stormed into the living room, where he was sitting.  Our conversation went a little like this:
"Michael, come over here.  Now."
"What did I do now?" As he got up from the computer and walked towards me.
"THIS, is what you did!" I handed him the pregnancy test with two bold lines,, with a huge smile on my face.

We were very happy and excited, but decided to keep it (mostly) to ourselves for a little while, since we experience a painful miscarriage just before moving to Turkey and after telling the whole world..  There were a select few I HAD to tell, although I was mostly sworn to secrecy since Michael was gone the majority of the whole first trimester.  Now though, 14 weeks later, the cat is out of the bag.  It's a good thing, too because the blossoming body is not getting any smaller. Baby Taylor has been scheduled to make his first appearance on June, 28th.

Arion was very excited to learn the news and has been becoming increasingly excited as the reality of having a sibling becomes more of a reality. She and I have been talking and trying to already make habits around the house that are "baby-friendly". She is going to be a very involved and good big sister and this makes her Mom and Dad very proud.  When I asked Arion how she feels about being a big sister, this is what she said:  "It's kinda exciting knowing that I am going to have a little sister or brother to hang out with.  But I'm also scared because I know that the baby will look up to me no matter if I'm good, or bad and I'm going to be an example.  This helps me be a better person and do the right thing.  But at the same time it's fun that I am going to have someone to play with."

Since we are living in Turkey, I will be having the baby (most likely) in Turkey.  I will deliver in Acıbadem Adana Hospital.  I have not visited this hospital yet, but do hope to go check it out soon.  We preggies in Turkey are advised to make a few practice drives there, in case we need to visit the ER between now and the delivery.  The building itself is was build in 2009 and I have been told it is very "state of the art". Of course, I am not the first military spouse to deliver a baby in Turkey and from what I have heard from mother's who have had children here they found the staff knowledgeable, kind and accommodating.  I don't doubt this, as this has been my overall impression of Turks thus far in daily living.  I do though anticipate the normal awkward language barrier that I have gotten used to encountering on a daily bases.  I have my regular visits here on base with a Turkish doctor from the hospital who acts as a medical liaison. This doctor is required to speak fluent English and will hopefully be the same doctor through delivery. 

Should I encounter any unpredicted complications in my pregnancy, there possibility does exist that I could be "stork nested" to a large hospital in Germany, or possible come back to America for increased medical care at 32 weeks gestation.  We pray this will not be the case and mommy and baby stay safe and healthy during and after delivery. 

We all are so excited for our new addition to the family, and are optimistic of the experience of an international labor and delivery.  This is about all I know for the moment, but will keep all updated and we learn more!  Until next time... 


  1. YAY!! Man, I'm glad the cat is finally out of the bag! :) SO excited for ya'll! Can't wait to meet baby Taylor!

  2. I think she looks like a girl Taylor baby! So cute and sweet! :)